While I’m more comfortable behind a keyboard writing blog posts and running nutritional analyses, I have had the privilege and opportunity to share my ideas at conferences and on podcasts.

If you’re interested in learning more or enjoy learning through listening or watching rather than reading then the podcasts and presentation below will give you some background on the Nutrient Optimiser and how an engineering approaches nutrition.

Nutrient Density and the Insulin Index

This was my most recent latest presentation at Low Carb Down Under in Brisbane in December 2016.  Rod Tayler and Peter Williams from LCDU have brought together so much amazing free info to help people on the Low Carb Down Under YouTube channel.

Engineering the Optimal Diet

My presentation on nutrient density at Low Carb Down Under in Brisbane in 2016.

Managing Insulin to Optimise Nutrition

An overview of the food insulin index in at Low Carb Down Under in Melbourne in 2015.  Little did I know back then how much it would take over my life!

Worked Examples and Q&A with Jeff Gerber’s Support Group

When I was developing the Nutrient Optimiser Jeff let me try it out it on his Low Carb and Paleo Support Group in Denver.  In this video, I talk about the Nutrient Optimiser and discuss a few worked examples with group members who logged their data for me to analyse.

Two Keto Dudes

I basically hijacked a thread on their Facebook page so they decided to have me on the show.  This was a fun chat with the Richard and Carl about nutrient density, energy density, insulin index, the glucose : ketone index and a bunch of other nerdy stuff.

The Dudes’ show notes are here and I also put together my own notes from the show here if you want more detail.

Ketodontist – Episode 001

I was honoured to be Matthew Standridge’s first guest on his first podcast which is basically his commitment pledge to ensure he stays focussed on his journey.   In the process he has is developing a great podcasts with some great guests.

Naturally Strong

It’s so trippy to make friends all over the world doing this.  Alex Ferrari is in Groningen in the Netherlands.  This was another fun chat.  Alex obviously knows what he’s doing with his diet too as you can see from his Nutrient Optimiser analysis here.  I still hit him up occasionally for weight lifting advice.

Athletic Fitness and Nutrition Podcast

Paul Burgess of the Athletic Fitness and Nutrition has been doing this for a long time.  I really appreciate his support.  Check out his analysis is here.

Ketogeek podcast

Fahad lined up a pile of tough questions about some of the most complex topics addressed on the Optimising Nutrition blog.  A real brain bender of a discssuion.


Break Nutrition with Raphael  Sirtoli

Raphi is one smart dude.  I felt like I already knew him pretty well after a lot of in depth Facebook chats.  It was great to get into weeds via audio and record it.


The Wellness Couch – Reel Food Real

I was honoured to chat to Steph Lowe and be part of some of the very big names that she’s had on the Reel Food Real.


Primal Example Podcast

Joe has the best radio voice!    We had a wide ranging chat about many things nutrition, including which nutrients you might get more and less of different dietary approaches.

Bee the Wellness

Great to chat with the ultimate paleo cross fit couple Adam and Vanessa Lambert from Bee the Wellness in LA.

Chats with Jeff Gerber

Jeff Gerber is a great guy and loves to bring the best out in people and give them a platform.  He stayed with us in Australia and he recorded a few chats.




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