Before you book a consultation or apply for a Nutrient Optimiser analysis, you should ideally make the most of the information freely available at Optimising Nutrition.

You will get the most out of the personalised Nutrient Optimiser report if you are already implementing one of the food lists detailed in the Optimal Foods for You article.

Once you are choosing nutrient-dense foods regularly you may benefit from tracking your food intake in Cronometer and running a Nutrient Optimmiser analysis to fine-tune your nutrition.

If you still require further support or have further questions or you would like to discuss the results of your report you can book in a 30 or 50 minute Skype or Facebook Video consultation.

Alternatively, if you are finding all the online noise confusing and want to have a chat, you can do that too.

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  • These consultations should not be construed as treatment or diagnosis.  
  • The costs of the consultations will not be claimable from your medical insurance.  
  • I am not a medical doctor or a Registered Dietician.  
  • Any advice given in the consultations will revolve around the analysis of your diet and meeting well-established nutrient targets with whole foods in a way that is tailored to your current goals and situation.